How Shiroyama Industry Co., Ltd reduced their employees' working hours by 25%

A customer success story of inventory management with Hexalink

"The decisive factor that made us chose Hexalink, is its flexibility. Hexalink can really solve our problems comprehensively!"

So! We asked Daiki Sawada to tell us his company's story.

A little background on Shiroyama Industry Co., Ltd...

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April 1956



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Selected Solutions:

Inventory management (+all core business functions in the future)

Contact Person:

Daiki Sawada - CEO


Hi! My name is Daiki and I am the CEO of Shiroyama Industry Co., Ltd.


We are a small factory that focuses on manufacturing, processing and installing aluminum building materials for public infrastructure, such as fences, handrails, and gates in parks, roads, rivers, and other public facilities.

Yes, yes, we know. Sounds boring right? You probably stopped trying reading that much when I mentioned “aluminum building materials”.

Because we are such a boring industry (we think so too! ☹), we have human resources problems.

At the end of every fiscal year, our orders always multiply 2-4 times. Why? Well, it's (no) thanks to our old ways of managing our inventory.

When we receive an order, we order parts for our inventory. When we start the manufacturing process, we use the parts in our inventory. And when we finish processing the parts, we deliver the final building materials to our customers.

For each incoming and outgoing inventory, our on-site employees will record each activity on a slip of paper. Those slips will then be transferred to the HQ, where the information on the slips will be re-inputted in Excel.


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