Yes, you can improve your working efficiency.

Create your own system (no coding required!) and obtain: controladaptability, efficiency

Because specific problems require specific solutions.

On average,

Hexalink has helped companies:

*based on real customers' statistics

What's in it for you?


Obtain a clear visibility of who did what and when, know how much progress your colleague has done on a task or project. Share information easily while at the same time maintain privacy on sensitive information.

52% believe a single platform that combines workflow management with intelligent automation and collaboration is the best way to coordinate operations and better manage work and resources.


Find all the information you need to do your job instantly. Automatically generate and update reportsCreate your own automations within and across departments, with your emails, Slack, or any other third-party apps you are using.

Employees waste 19.8% of their time in a day looking for information they need to do their job..

Just want to get straight to the point?

What you will really get from talking to us:

  • Immediately figure out if Hexalink can actually solve your company's problems;

  • A straight-to-the-point overview of how Hexalink can be implemented in your company;

  • Take full advantage of our features (Hexalink can be used the way you want it to, so understanding your problems means you can maximize Hexalink's usage).


  • A demo using your company's data (no more imagining and straight to the big picture of how Hexalink can be used in your company. And no worries because an NDA will be in play);

  • A free trial period + free Hexalink training session.


Exceptional method, exceptional work

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