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*all paid plans are billed monthly

Progressive Adopters

If you don't want to fully commit yet.



Unlimited everything + All features


(monthly contract)

Smart Planners

For those in it for the long haul.



Unlimited everything + All features


(yearly contract)


Basically the free account.



All features


Database max. 5

Users max. 3

*there is an initial implementation fee for all paid plans


Bots to help you automate your business processes.

Extra bee-bots



/ bot

We just launched our bee-bots! 10 of them will join your team for free. The automation bots are included in all plans!

The features part.


Status Management

Customize and manage your business processes within and across department, internally and outside of your organization.


Gain a clear visibility of who did what and when.

Privacy Management

Create  group hierarchies for your users. You can also create and customize roles to manage information privacy.


Form Generator & Custom Fields

Create your own forms to ease data entry and unify data format. Customizable any time, with over 12 types of fields.

Data Import & Export

Easily import and export data through CSV files or integrate data with other third-party apps.

Classic, Grid, Kanban Views

Work the way you like using your favorite data view modes.


Report & Chart Generator

Automatically generate & update reports and charts created from multiple sources.


Create data relations and find all related information instantly.

Action Script

Create your own automations to integrate with other apps or internally within Hexalink’s databases.


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