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  • Share information easily while at the same time maintain privacy on sensitive information.

  • Obtain a clear visibility of who did what and when.

  • Know how much progress your colleague has done on a task or project.

52% believe a single platform that combines workflow management with intelligent automation and collaboration is the best way to coordinate operations and better manage work and resources.


  • Use the working mode you like to match with your working style.

  • Create & customize forms to create your own system.

  • Start, quit, & integrate with third-party apps easily.

The only thing that does not change is change.


  • Create your own automations within and across departments, with your emails. Slack, or any other third-party apps you are using.

  • Find all the information you need to do your job instantly.

  • Automatically generate and update reports.

Employees waste 19.8% of their time in a day looking for information they need to do their job.


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