How to create your systems


Easy step-by-step guide to designing your own systems.


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Think of the system you want to create & the goals

The system that you can create could be either:

  • a system that solves your companies' current problems,

  • a prevention measure for your foreseeable problems,

  • or as a setting stone to systemize your company early on for the long run.

P.S. You can create multiple systems inside Hexalink because Hexalink provides you with a platform to unify all of your systems.

Example 1

Example 2




Think of what you need to create your systems

To create your system(s) with Hexalink, you need to create databases and forms. You can customize and change the look of your forms anytime.

Remember to think about your status flows if your forms require them. Each record you add into your database through your forms will utilize the status flow you create for that form.

P.S. Don't know what all those words mean? Be sure to check out this guide on creating systems with Hexalink.

Example 1 (continuation)

Example 2 (continuation)




Think of your data access privileges management

Decide who will use the system and what kind of roles management you want to have in your system.

Do you want to give data access privileges based on job positions (staff, manager, executive, chief, etc.), departments (sales, accounting, procurement, etc.), internal/external parties, or...? It could be as simple as "admin" and "member". It's really up to you!

You can create and delete roles easily any time you want.

P.S. Granting, switching and revoking roles are extremely easy in Hexalink, so don't worry too much about assigining people to roles in the beginning.

Example 1 (continuation)

Example 2 (continuation)


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What now?

Consult with us to optimize your systems.

Start creating your system with us

See popular systems that other companies have created.

Check out some

example systems

P.S. We can help you design/maximize your system(s) during on-boarding if you want to.


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